Employment Discrimination Attorney Jonathan Bell for M. Kotbi

Video Transcript

Mr. Mohamed Kotbi:  Everyone had their correct name except me.  He handed me “Edgar” instead of Mohamed.  I said, “That’s not my name.”  He said, “I’m doing you a favor.  I’m saving your life tonight.  [These are already] secret service.  They’re not going to play with you.  They’re going to take you out on the spot.”

Newscaster:  Kotbi’s lawyer says, considering what he’s gone through, seeking $6 million in compensatory damages is not too much.

Attorney Jonathan Bell:  Ten years of discrimination and harassment on a weekly basis?  Had to put everyone on notice that this has to end?  I don’t even think it’s enough.

Newscaster:  Mohamed is still working and bearing a different name on his nametag, one that has his last name.  He credits his Union with saving his job, but was supposed to be suspended for a few weeks—he said he agreed to enter anger management, for a coworker accused him of making a threat.  He says he simply wants the discrimination to end.  We asked but Hilton Worldwide, which owns the Waldorf, would not comment on a pending lawsuit.