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Client Reviews

Bell Law Group was responsive and knowledgeable, diligent and determined to assist me in my claim process, and after having attempted to complete this process several times on my own, their expertise in flowing through the governmental bureaucracy was a Godsend. Having a guide who had knowledge of what was needed to prove my case, and having them quite literally assist step by step during this incredibly frustrating time was worth every penny spent. Do NOT hesitate, retain them now.

- Kenneth Hairston

I am so greatful to the bell law group for handling my federal disability case, they were very professional and courteous and always a phone call away. When OPM approved my application, Elissa Krell contacted me with the great news I was so excited, they went above and beyond my expectations in handling all my paperwork and making sure everything is perfect and well put together before submitting to OPM. I highly recommend that any federal employees who is suffering with a disability to contact the bell law group, you will not be disappointed. Thank you for everything.

- H. Sumrah

Used them a few years ago they were amazing.Bell law group is by far the best in n.y.If you have seen John on t.v. you know that's he knows his stuff.

- Mike Parisi

Jon is an attorney with a heart who is always looking to do what is best for his clients.

- Michael Morbillo

We used the service of the Bell Law Group and axre extremely pleased with how quick they helped us and the results. A truly professional firm that cares about us (the customer). It was a pleasure working with Paul, he really took his time and understood what we need. Will definitely use Bell Law again should the time come and we highly recommend them for your legal needs.

- Steve Barak

I am so grateful to Bell Law for being passionate, professional, and keen about federal laws. In my personal experience, no other law firm was able to surpass them either meeting them in person or online. In addition, you may find, retainer friendly, or even surprisingly alluring firms falling short of professional expectations. However, based on my experience with Bell Law, the staff and attorneys is honest about the process, protected my rights and related to me as a person rather than a statistic. Words cannot express how grateful I will always be to Bell Law firm for their flawless representation.

Thank you for serving with purpose and due diligence.

- Evelyn A.

Words cannot describe how grateful, thankful, and appreciative I am to have hired the Bell Law Group. During my federal law enforcement career, I have met with many attorneys but only a handful have made me feel like they truly care about their clients. After realizing my on the job injuries would end my career, I was devastated. I did not want it to end that way, I wanted it to end on my own terms. When I first met with Jon and Nathalie Bell, I felt as if I was telling my traumatic story to family and not potential lawyers looking for fees. They showed empathy, they cared and that's why I hired them. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The Bell Group truly understands the OPM process and what they except to see in a disability application package. Elissa is their OPM guru and has the knowledge and dedication to see the process through. She is thoughtful, gracious, and readily available to discuss your case with you. They took the stress of applying away and handled everything. When OPM approved my application, Elissa, Melissa, Nathalie and the rest of the Bell Group contacted me, happy as if the approval was for them. I highly recommend that any federal employee who must apply for OPM DR, should immediately hire the Bell Group. You will not be disappointed.

- El PS

It's taken me a while to find the most fitting words to express my gratitude to Bell Law Group! I didn't want to sound too emotional because my heart remains full from the positive end results. I want to first thank Mr. Jon Bell, who was the first person I had the opportunity to consult with to validate my case/s. I was dealing with workplace discrimination/reprisal. I was represented by Andrea Batres who was extremely patient with me and guided me through the process responsively, allowing me to go through the legal process and grieve almost simultaneously with patience, care, concern and regard for the emotional distress I'd been under for far too long. Andrea, you took on a whole lot with my case and because of your dedication in what you've taken on and its end result... I'm smiling again, I've found the closure I needed and I'm healing...THANK YOU! Bell Law Group went above and beyond in the way they've assisted me and I cannot thank them enough. Everyone that I've had an opportunity to speak with has been wonderful! Thank you Nikki! Continued Success to Bell Law Group. I am so thankful and pleased with how my case has concluded!

- April Blake

Andrea at the Bell did an excellent job representing my company. Very responsive and thoughtful. I appreciate their handling my problem and getting it resolved so quickly. Thank you.

- Denise Dramm.

Your firm not only help me win my discrimination case but also my disability retirement case! Elissa Krell was instrumental at getting my case approved! Two wins for me against a complicated system steered at making employees tired of the twisted runaround only they can instill, but will turn around and condemn YOU if you don't jump through their hoops!

I'm also very grateful beyond words for having Susan Tylar by my side in forcing my previous federal employer to listen to the abusive treatment at the hands of my old supervisor. Most importantly, I'm grateful for the tenacity she showed in teaching the agency a lesson that "rationalizing" the mistreatment of pregnant women in law enforcement, and those who are undergoing fertility treatment, will not be tolerated.

When I spoke up, I knew I already had a target on my back and that coming forward would mean things would get far worse for me, which it did. My reputation and my confidence were destroyed by my abusive supervisor and by then, I had nothing else to lose by filing a complaint against his actions via EEOC.

Six long years after filing my first complaint and many actions which felt like a waste of time, I learned the agency just wanted to tire me out. I live on principle and doing the right thing was never a choice. So many women suffer endlessly because of people like my old chauvinistic and retaliatory supervisor. Being degraded and mistreated because of one's gender alone, and all that comes with it, is something no woman should ever go through. Susan exposed my old supervisor's malicious intent by presenting indisputable evidence in conjunction with her strong interrogations with all parties involved. His arrogance and disrespect towards the process was frustrating to interact with, but she never faltered. At best, I hope the agency realizes from this experience that their inability to cover-up their wrongdoing means that the only way to "win" is to make sure they treat their employees fairly.

Susan gave me the courage and the strength to continue standing. She gave me the victory that left me feeling vindicated in the eyes of the law. Even if my old abusive supervisor remains employed, he will always remember the Bell Law Group and the woman he called "useless" and discriminated against. Hopefully the experience he endured will help serve as a reminder to make a better effort in pretending to show some respect towards decorated women in law enforcement.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

- C.M.

When I reached out to Bell Law Group, my brother was on the verge of getting fired from his job and the company failed to provide him with any sort of accommodation due to his disability. After Mr. Bell got involved, the attitude of the company changed. Mr. Bell guided my brother on how to properly request an accommodation and provide the required information. After negotiation with the company, they agreed to allow my brother to return to his job with a medical accommodation that ensures my brother is safe at work and has continued health insurance. I am glad we retained the firm as we were able to avoid litigation and simply enforce our rights under the law.

- Corey Carr.

When my mother was injured in a serious car accident, we needed a lawyer to represent her. Not knowing where to turn, we reached out to someone whose opinion we highly regarded and he recommended the Bell Law Group without hesitation.

Now that our case has concluded, we can honestly say how thankful we are to have had the Bell Law Group on our side.

Nathalie and Jon Bell, and their entire team, were a pleasure to work with. Not only were we reassured by their obvious experience and competence, but they always went out of their way to put our worries at ease. Our phone calls were always returned promptly, and throughout the entire process they were consistently thoughtful and polite.

We're very pleased with the final result and will surely reach out to them if and when we need legal representation in the future.

If you're looking for lawyers that know what they're doing and will treat you right, I would give the Bell Law Group a call.

- Julio Martinez Jr.

Couldn't Have Asked For More!! The Bell Law Group went above and beyond my expectations for my case! I didn't expect such a great outcome! The staff was patient and very understanding! They answered all my questions, even when I asked them several times!

- Derrick Glover

So let me began by saying I am so grateful to have Bell Law group represent me. I was employed by a federal agency and was injured on the job while working. I was a bit Leary of applying for disability because I heard so many horror stories but I can honestly say after conferring with Bell Law group I felt extremely safe in their hands. They are professional, and very knowledgeable in the process of applying for disability. My case was approved on the first attempt, if anyone is reading this post and have any doubt or questions in their application please give Bell Law a call. I give them 5 stars all the way.

- Curtis Grimes

I suddenly and unexpectedly was faced with having to pursue medical retirement after 20 years in the federal government. The prospect of it was extremely daunting but Elissa made the process seamless and manageable for me. Their experience in dealing with the federal government and being able to navigate the red tape was clear. I am working on another matter with them and am grateful for the continued assistance.

- Miki

This is an amazing law group everybody was very attentive and responded to any questions in a very timely manner. They are experts within there field and have a streamlined program for processing any paperwork. I would recommend this group to anybody seeking legal advice or legal assistance. No matter any challenge that came up throughout the process this team came together and achieved every goal. Thank you Bell Law group for all of your hard work and dedication.

- Jason Lazu

Bell Law Group gets results!!! They understand the complex requirements of the Federal system and work towards positive results for their clients. They provide outstanding communication throughout the process and help educate you along the way. You never feel alone when you have Bell Law Group on your side. their hard work and dedication to any case has resulted in a positive outcome. I gladly recommend them to anyone that needs a hardworking, effective and honest legal team on their side.

- Pedrina Martinez

I had the best experience ever with this law firm. Besides being knowledgeable and extremely friendly, the process was seamless. Its very rare that I would do a review but in this case I thought it is a must as my experience was just THAT GOOD. Jon Bell gave me all of his attention, while still carrying a full case load with other clients and I appreciated that very much. They demonstrated integrity and honesty while protecting my interests and that is rare these days. i would refer them to anyone in need of legal services. TRUST me! They are hands down the best!!!!!

- Breecker Boys

Working with Jon and the Bell Law Group was a great experience. They were prompt, clear, and great at communicating. Helped me tremendously and I would highly recommend.

- Max Kaufman

I chose Bell Law Group after doing extensive research on My experience with Bell Law Group was incredible. I previously worked for the DoD and was making no progress with multiple denials for my disability retirement. I originally spoke with Jon and he was involved throughout the process. He and his team walked me through what to expect and keep me updated throughout the process. They always took the time to answer any questions. When the DoD made their final denial I chose to go to the trial faze. Again, I was told what to expect along with possible outcomes. One of those being a belief it would be settled before going to trial. Less than a week out from the set trial date Jon calling to let me know it had been settled in my favor. Jon, Elissa, and Chris did an incredible job. In addition to winning the case they took an enormous amount of stress off of me while everything proceeded. I ran into dead ends prior to obtaining their services. Thanks to them I now have my federal disability retirement.

- dwcunningham22

My three co-workers and I were involved in a serious scaffolding accident. We all sustained serious injuries. Attorney Andrea Batres worked diligently and effectively to come to a resolution. She went above and beyond to help us. We received an amazing settlement and could not be happier with her work. I thank her for all of her hard work and assistance. This has helped all of our lives tremendously.

- Carlos Suarez

Bell Law Group gets results!!! They understand the complex requirements of the Federal system and work towards positive results for their clients. They provide outstanding communication throughout the process and help educate you along the way. You never feel alone when you have Bell Law Group on your side. Thanks to Elissa Krell and her team, their hard work and dedication to my case has resulted in a positive outcome. I gladly recommend them to anyone that needs a hardworking, effective and honest legal team on their side.

- Tim W

I was involved in a car accident was unable to do my job any longer. I called Bell Law Group to handle my disability retirement case. Once all the medical records were obtained and the application was sent to OPM my case was approved in 3 months. A huge thank you to Elissa and Anthony for a job well done. I recommend Bell Law Group to any federal employee

- Diane Riley Manganiello

I worked with the federal government over ten years. Due to a decline in my health, I could no longer do my job, so my only option was to apply for Federal Disability Retirement, which is a very complicated and cumbersome process. Bell Law Group was recommended by a co-worker who’s family member had been through the process and was successful using Bell Law Group. I truly think that choosing BLG was the best decision that I have ever made! Elissa Krell and her team were extremely easy to work with and they were professional at every level of the process. They always kept me informed and I never felt alone in the process. They worked hard at assuring that the package submitted was complete, accurate, and included everything needed. I was approved a few months after submission. I would highly recommend this firm. They are worth every penny of their fee and then some! I would like to thank Elissa Krell and everyone at Bell Law Group for assisting me with my Federal Disability Retirement Case.

- Arin Perez

I'd like to personally thank the Bell Law Group, especially Elissa and her staff for working on my case against the Government. With this law firm you can't lose, they guarantee results or your money back. Elissa and her team were very effective with handling the government. She also held my hand thru the entire process and won my case. 2 thumbs up for the Bell Law Group...

- Kwasi Horton

The Bell Law Group is an amazing law firm. After speaking to Mr. Bell for my first consultation, I signed up. Elissa Krell and Anthony Brennan were the attorney and assistant who handled my federal disability case. Both were very professional and answered my emails and phone calls immediately. I never had to wait for answers! When it came time to fill out documents and send to OPM or my employer, they did so without delay.

If you have injuries and need to file a disability retirement with the federal government, please contact the Bell Law Group. I highly recommend them to handle your case.

- Gerald K

An automobile accident rendered me disabled, I no longer could perform my federal job to the standards required by my employer. I contacted Bell Law Group to help me with my disability retirement case. Once the application was sent, it was approved within 3 months!! Elissa Krell and Anthony Brennan were so helpful and understanding, I can't thank them enough for winning this case for me. Highly recommend this firm for anyone and for federal employees.

- Diane Riley

When I decided to file a discrimination case against my federal employer, I knew I needed a competent agency to represent me. After contacting a few law firms, I lost hope until I found the Bell Law Group. They were professional, caring and answered all correspondence in a timely manner.

My attorney (Mr. Bartels), was respectful and attentive to my requests concerning my case. He fought for my settlement as if if was his own case.

I highly recommend the Bell Law Group for your legal needs.

- Tonia Thompson

The lawyer with whom I worked was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. We had easy phone, text, and email contact. I never felt "left out" of the proceedings. Her representing me took away most of my stress regarding the case, and the positive result took away the rest!

- Anonymous, Upstate NY

Thank you Soo much Mrs. Natalie Bell, Sherley G & every & any one from this firm who assisted in handling my case! They were able to take over & close my no fault case that my prior horrendous lawyer wasn't able to fulfill. They were very caring & understanding to my needs. They worked very hard on my case even during the quarantine/ pandemic! They are a no nonsense-winning team that I'm great full to have worked with! Stay blessed!

- Tashema K.

I had a car accident a few years back. Bell law group was amazing and help me out in every step of the way. Their group staff made me feel like family. Jon has an amazing group staff working along him as well. Thanks so much for all you do for your customers. Blessings

- Yandel Rios

My case was certainly a David vs Goliath case. The case was an age (I was 60 years old) and gender (I'm a female), work discrimination case. My fight was with West Point and the Army. It was sad because West Point always represented honor to me and the Army is a group of individuals who wrote a blank check with their lives to America. No institutions better than West Point and the Army exist anywhere in the world. The problem I faced were that the individuals I worked for at West Point didn't follow that creed. West Point and the Army were honorable but the people I worked for were not. Everyone told me I had no chance fight ing against such forces. For awhile I was beginning to believe them because no one would hear me... no one would listen or take me seriously. I don't give up when faced with cruelty or injustice. Thank goodness I found an attorney who didn't either. In the end justice did prevail thanks to my attorney Jon Bell. I couldn't ask for a smarter, kinder, more devoted advocate to represent me. When all was said and done we won! It was not easy and it certainly was not expected but it did happen and for that I will always be grateful... not only for myself but also for those who will come after me. It is impossible to change bad behavior without having consequences for that behavior. If there are no consequences, bad behavior will continue because there is no incentive to change. Well, for my case, consequences will be deep and far reaching and the world will be left a better place because of the work done at Bell Law. Thank you Jon and thanks to your amazing team.

- Donna R.

Jon Bell is the ultimate professional. Top notch lawyer for any employment related issue. Handles business!! Can't thank him enough!!!

- ZH.

I Thank Attorney Bell and his staff as well. The individuals that worked for the Army harmed me. I reached out to Attorney Jon Bell; him and his staff handled two cases for me. We won both cases. Bad individuals received Just punishment. Thank You Attorney Jon Bell and Atty Susan Tyler. God is Good.

- Juliette B.

The Bell Law Group supported my appeal to a potential termination from a GG-14 federal job for personal behavior that was extensive and recent. Initially I considered not seeking legal representation since I was not in a position to contest the allegations, but I’m very grateful to Mr. Bell and Ms. Berk for their stellar counsel and representation. Ms. Berk was very thorough in crafting my appeals letter and integrating documentation to highlight my 30-years of exemplary federal service and demonstrate my rehabilitative treatment regime. Mr. Bell methodically helped me prepare for and participated in my personal appearance. As a result of their dedicated efforts I was returned to work without any impact to my pay or benefits. I highly recommend their services and have done so to others facing similar actions.

Warmest regards!

- Craig Morrison

A few months ago, after I was served with a Notice of Proposed Removal from my federal agency, and at the recommendation of a friend, I contacted the law offices of The Bell Group. It was the best decision that I could have made. From beginning to end, Nathalie, John, and the staff were very attentive, professional, respectful, and even empathetic. They took the time to carefully look at and dissect the charges against me and examined the supporting evidence for my case. They walked me through the appeal process and helped me prepare an appropriate response. Thanks to God and to their excellent work, I won my appeal and I have resumed my day-to-day duties as a federal employee. I highly recommend The Bell Group, not just because of their high quality work, but because they actually listen to and care about their clients.

- Mario Guillermo