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Failure to Pay Agreed Wages

Suing Employers Who Failed to Pay Agreed-Upon Wages

When you decide to work for an employer, you enter into a contractual agreement that lays out your hourly rate or yearly salary. If both you and your employer sign that contract, then you have every right to assume that you will receive the payment you both agreed upon. Unfortunately, that does not always happen. Luckily, you have substantial laws and regulations that support your ability to seek back pay when that failure to pay agreed-upon wages occurs.

At Bell Law Group, PLLC, we are extremely familiar with the rules and regulations laid out under state and federal laws, include the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). We know what private employers must do with regard to wage and hour requirements and what remedies you can pursue if your employer fails to live up to its obligations.

Agreed-Upon Wages and the FLSA

The federal legislature adopted the FLSA as a means to establish base guidelines to protect employees from poor wage practices. This includes providing a method of recovering agreed-upon wages that an employer contractually approved, either while the employee remains working with the employer or at the time of termination. Failure to pay these agreed upon wages can lead to the employer’s payment of:

  • Back wages (up to two years)
  • Liquidated damages (up to three times the amount of your back wages)
  • Punitive damages (as a way to punish the employer and to stop future failures to pay)
  • Reasonable attorney fees (as well as court costs such as filing fees)

It is your right as a protected employee to request full payment for the hours you worked. Take advantage of this right by acting now.

Your Employer Cannot Retaliate Against You for Your Back Wages Claim

It is against the law for an employer to take adverse action against an employee who has pursued a wage and hour claim to receive back wages. This means your employer cannot fire you if you are still employed. It also means your employer cannot provide a negative reference for you based on your back pay claim.

Take Action Now to Get the Wages You Deserve

Call our wage and hour law firm at 855-566-2355 or contact our experienced attorneys online to get started on the process of getting your back wages. We can talk to you about your employer’s failure to pay the agreed-upon wages from your contract and what steps you can take to recoup your losses. We will do all of this in a confidential, free strategy session, which we can hold in person at one of our two New York offices: New York City or Garden City.

Client Reviews
“Couldn't Have Asked For More!! The Bell Law Group went above and beyond my expectations for my case! I didn't expect such a great outcome! The staff was patient and very understanding! They answered all my questions, even when I asked them several times!” Derrick Glover
“The Bell Law Group represented me in my successful federal disability retirement application and I was super satisfied with the result! ... I’d also advise anyone going through this process to get legal counsel, and, as I suggested at the outset, would recommend the law office of Mr. Bell without reservation.” Lynda M.
“Working with Jon and the Bell Law Group was a great experience. They were prompt, clear, and great at communicating. Helped me tremendously and I would highly recommend.” Max Kaufman