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Failure to Pay Final Check on Time

Suing Your Employer Due to Failure to Make a Timely Final Payment

As a private employee, you are protected by state and federal laws regulating wage and hour matters. For instance, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) clearly states that an employer must make a timely final payment of your wages upon the termination of your employment contact. The amount of time varies by state. In New York, for instance, your employer has until the next scheduled pay date to provide you with your final paycheck. Failure to pay this final check on time is a minimum wage violation.

We Understand Your Concerns – We Are Here for You

Pursuing a lawsuit against your former employer is a scary thing. We understand if you are worried. If you choose to work with us at Bell Law Group, PLLC, we will dedicate our time and resources to ensuring you know what you are facing at all times and that you have a legal team who will stand with you throughout the process. What’s more, with the experience that each of our employment lawyers brings to the table, you can rest assured knowing that you have knowledgeable representation that is focused solely on achieving success in your case.

The Wage & Hour Claims Process for Seeking Final Payments

Private employees can pursue lawsuits involving unpaid wages through their state’s labor office. In New York, this is the Department of Labor, Division of Labor Standards. Once you submit your claim for unpaid wages, Labor Standards will investigate your claim and collect any due wages.

It is also a crime in New York to willfully withhold final payment, which means you can pursue a criminal case against your employer. Speak to a knowledgeable New York employer lawyer about whether this is an option worth pursuing in your case.

Timing is Everything in Wage & Hour Claims

Time is of the essence in these matters. Generally you have two years from the date of the failure to pay occurrence to submit your claim. In cases involving an employer’s willful failure to pay your final check on time, you have up to three years to file your claim.

We Have Focused Experience Handling Federal Wage & Hour Claims

At Bell Law Group, our lawyers have always focused on representing employees involving in employee law matters. With over 100 years of combined experience on your side, you can feel confident knowing that we will put all of our knowledge and resources to work to recover the wages that are rightfully yours.

Learn more about our experience, our dedication to client-first service. Call our New York-based employment law firm at 855-566-2355 or email us your request for a free consultation. We will do our utmost to make a swift recovery in your case.

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