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Fighting an employer of any size is not an easy task. Indeed, it is an insurmountable task for most lawyers who are untrained in private employee law. This means you must take extra care to find yourself an employment lawyer in New York who is experienced in and knowledgeable of the relevant systems, processes, and courts. Fortunately, if you’re reading this, you’re in the right place. You can depend on a competent and skilled New York employee rights lawyer from Bell Law Group, PLLC to fight for the outcome you deserve and need. Contact us today to schedule your free case evaluation with our competent and dedicated legal team.

Why Do I Need an Employee Rights Lawyer?

It’s not uncommon for employers to violate the rights of their employees. Unfortunately, often, when employees are wrongfully demoted or terminated, they feel powerless and simply accept their situation. This is unacceptable, as frequently, legal recourse is available, and with the right legal team in your corner, you maximize your chances of attaining justice. Bell Law Group is dedicated to helping employees in New York, and we’re prepared to help you as well.

We Handle all Private Employment Law Claims

Each of our lead attorneys has spent at least 10 years zealously representing the interests and rights of employees against small and large employers in a variety of employment claims, including those involving:

  • Wage & Hour Law: We work hard on behalf of employees who have not received the compensation they are due, whether it is in the form of overtime pay, minimum wage, or even a final payment after dismissal.
  • Sexual Harassment: It is illegal under New York State law to sexually harass an individual in the workplace. If your employer failed to provide you with a safe, harassment-free workplace, or if your employer is the one who sexually harassed you, talk to one of our lawyers immediately. We do not tolerate such behavior, and will quickly work toward righting the situation.
  • Disability Discrimination: On behalf of private employees, our legal team pursues a variety of disability claims, including denial of disability benefits and disability discrimination. If you have been treated unfairly with regard to a disability, turn to us for the support and advocacy you deserve.
  • Unpaid Internships: In general, New York employment laws do not govern internships. Even still, a court may find an intern is actually an employee and is thus deserving of minimum wage and overtime pay if certain characteristics are present. If you are currently an intern in name only, you should reach out to a lawyer who is experienced with pursuing wage and hour claims.
  • Equal Pay Claims: Unfortunately, we still commonly see disparities among employees working in the same fields with substantially similar jobs but of different genders. This is unacceptable, and if you feel you’ve been wrongfully denied adequate pay due to your gender or another protected class, you can turn to a New York employee rights lawyer from Bell Law Group, PLLC to fight for a fair and just outcome.
  • Discrimination: All types of discrimination in the workplace and otherwise are abhorrent. Unfortunately, we live in a time where people are still discriminated against in a variety of ways. From race discrimination to sex and age discrimination, our team of client-focused attorneys takes great care to fully pursue rights and remedies for individuals who have suffered due to discrimination. Whether you believe you lost your job, were demoted, or otherwise were adversely impacted due to an act of discrimination, you can depend on our firm to fight for you.
  • Employment Contracts: Employment contracts and severance agreements require smart negotiations to ensure you do not sign away certain rights or privileges you are entitled to. That is where our legal team comes in. Our employment law focus over the years has allowed us to become intimately familiar with the many clauses that appear in these types of agreements. We can review any contract put before you with the goal of protecting your interests.
  • Arbitration: Most arbitration clauses provide for representation by a union lawyer. We caution you against going that route, as a union lawyer is first and foremost accountable to the union itself. We suggest instead working with a knowledgeable New York State employment lawyer who will take every step with you, fully representing your interests all along the way.
  • Whistleblower Defense: Whistleblowers are responsible for keeping the workplace both safe and ethical. Whether you were retaliated against for blowing the whistle on dangerous work conditions or unethical/unlawful behavior on the part of your employer, you should understand that both the law and our legal team are on your side, and we will fight for the justice you deserve.

No matter the employment-related matter you’re currently facing, you’d be best served with a knowledgeable and skilled New York employee rights lawyer in your corner. Our firm is prepared to guide you through each phase of the process towards a favorable outcome.

Contact an Employee Rights Lawyer from Bell Law Group

We represent aggrieved employees throughout New York from our offices in New York City and Garden City. We understand that when it comes to employment-related matters, you have a lot on the line, and we will strive to provide you with the top-notch legal assistance you require. To learn more about our private employment law practice or to schedule your free strategy session, contact our legal team at Bell Law Group, PLLC today.

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