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Vigorous Representation in
Employment and Personal Injury Matters

Welcome to The Bell Law Group. Our renowned New York lawyers are some of the most sought-after attorneys in the industry. Representing employees and personal injury clients in Nassau & Suffolk Counties, Manhattan & the surrounding areas as well as federal employees nationwide, we have worked hard to build a reputation as tough litigators who are passionate about our clients’ interests. Our New York employment lawyers handle all employee rights matters for private and federal employees, including situations involving sexual harassment, discrimination, wage & hour law, retaliation, and whistleblower defense.

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Uber is putting profits over safety in the situation. Although they are doing "background checks", they're not doing enough to weed out a lot of these drivers that shouldn't be drivers. — Jon Bell on Uber liability for sexual assault cases

There is a silver lining in this economy. Employees, more than ever, really have more power as far as it affects businesses.... everybody is looking for employees. — Jon Bell on employee prospects

Based on the number of people who came forward... quite simply speaking... where there's smoke, there's fire. I'm glad there was an unbiased investigation. I'm glad that there was a finding and that it is time to hold him accountable. — Jon Bell on Andrew Cuomo's sexual harassment scandal

Kyrie has basically two options. Number 1, to sit on the sidelines and collect 17 Million dollars for not playing, which to me doesn't sound that terrible, or number 2, get vaccinated and get back to work. — Jon Bell on Kyrie Irving vaccine mandate controversy

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Why Choose Bell Law Group, PLLC?

  • You can rely on our experience

    No matter what anyone says, experience matters. Whether you are a federal employee, private sector employee, management, or an employer, qualified and zealous representation requires detailed knowledge of specific processes, court procedures, applicable agency laws and regulations, and more.

  • We welcome the “challenging” cases

    Some cases, whether brought by an employee or requiring the defense of an employer present challenges from the beginning. We passionately pursue our clients’ cases to ensure we obtain the best possible result for them.

  • We care about you

    Attorney Jon Bell started this firm after realizing that for him to do his job well, he needed to feel a personal stake in each case he took. He needed to find the clients he believed in and could support 100%. It is this desire to stand with our clients to the end that drives our law firm today.

Employees' Rights

If you have been wronged by your employer, standing up for your rights may seem intimidating. At The Bell Law Group, we understand the pressure you are facing. We are here to help. Mr. Bell and his team of experienced attorneys are dedicated to asserting your rights. When you meet with our firm, we will provide you with an honest, straightforward legal assessment. We pick our cases wisely. If your case has merit, you can count on us to do what it takes to put you in the best position for success.

Federal Employee Representation

We serve federal employees nationwide and overseas. We can handle your case from beginning to end, including trials and appeals. Federal employees may find themselves subject to agency disciplinary and performance actions. If you need help fighting a disciplinary action, MSPB matter, filing an EEO, filing for disability retirement, or fighting a security clearance matter (as a federal employee or government contractor) you should speak to a lawyer experienced in this area as soon as possible.

Employer Defense

Lawsuits against well-intentioned employers aren’t uncommon and can put a good business’s reputation at stake. Our firm is here to help. If you’re an employer facing any of the following disputes, the Bell Law Group is on your side.

Clients First

Our mission is very simple: clients first! Our “clients-first” attitude will dictate every decision we make when working on the matter for which we are retained. The goal is to ensure that every client will experience our lawyers and staff taking a genuine interest in every matter we handle. We will be honest with our clients from the initial contact through the end of each case and will keep our clients informed and updated, every step of the way. We are accessible to our clients, answer all questions and return calls in a timely matter. Our goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations. We will dedicate ourselves to these values.

Bell Law Group


" I recommended Jon to a friend who was hit by a car driven by an old man whose assets were all protected in a trust. My friend's injuries were extreme and life-changing and the law favored protecting the old man's assets. Complicating the case further was that it all happened during the first COVID shutdown. Jon got involved and immediately got to work navigating through a web of insurance rules and policies to get my friend's medical bills covered and to get him money to live on while he acclimated to his new situation. My friend is getting his life back on track and much of his success is thanks to Jon Bell." — Jordan G.

" Mr. Bell has been a great asset, super professional and trustworthy when we had to use his legal services. He has been down to earth in explaining the direction we needed to take to resolve our issue. In any legal issue, The Bell organization has been super professional and has gone over and above to resolve our legal issue." — Louis F.

" The Bell Law Group are extremely professional and caring attorneys. Jon Bell is a role model for those who work for him and for his clients he has always been a champion of what is right and just! He treats all his clients with respect and empathy." — Maty H.

" I had an excellent experience with this law firm. They answered all of my questions and were very receptive to my needs. Exceptionally knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with. I was very pleased with the outcome of my case thanks to Attorney Bell." — S.L.

" I know Jon for over a year personally and professionally. You know how it's been said that James Brown was the hardest working man in showbiz. Well, Jon is the hardest working man in the law business, and he's smart and caring too!" — Michael H.

" Jon is an attorney with a heart who is always looking to do what is best for his clients." — Michael M.

" When I reached out to Bell Law Group, my brother was on the verge of getting fired from his job and the company failed to provide him with any sort of accommodation due to his disability. After Mr. Bell got involved, the attitude of the company changed. Mr. Bell guided my brother on how to properly request accommodation and provide the required information. After negotiation with the company, they agreed to allow my brother to return to his job with a medical accommodation that ensures my brother is safe at work and has continued health insurance. I am glad we retained the firm as we were able to avoid litigation and simply enforce our rights under the law." — Corey C.

" Working with Jon and the Bell Law Group was a great experience. They were prompt, clear, and great at communicating. Helped me tremendously and I would highly recommend." — Max K.

" I had a car accident a few years back. Bell law group was amazing and help me out in every step of the way. Their group staff made me feel like family. Jon has an amazing group staff working with him as well. Thanks so much for all you do for your customers. Blessings" — Yandel R.

" Jon Bell is the ultimate professional. Top-notch lawyer for any employment-related issue. Handles business!! Can't thank him enough!!!" — Z.H.

" I Thank Attorney Bell and his staff as well. The individuals that worked for the Army harmed me. I reached out to Attorney Jon Bell; he and his staff handled two cases for me. We won both cases. Bad individuals received Just punishment. Thank You, Attorney Jon Bell and Atty Susan Tyler. God is Good." — Juliette B.

" I had the best experience ever with this law firm. Besides being knowledgeable and extremely friendly, the process was seamless. It's very rare that I would do a review but in this case I thought it is a must as my experience was just THAT GOOD. Jon Bell gave me all of his attention, while still carrying a full caseload with other clients and I appreciated that very much. They demonstrated integrity and honesty while protecting my interests and that is rare these days. I would refer them to anyone in need of legal services. TRUST me! They are hands down the best!!!!!" — Breecker B.

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