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“After being turned down by several federal disability lawyers, the lawyers thought the case was a loser. I was ready to give up. But then I spoke to Jonathan Bell who was incredibly compassionate…”
—Lynda M. from CA

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“They literally saved my life. Because of them, I have a bright new future. I recommend them highly to anyone who needs their help. They truly are as good as they, and anyone who has used them, say they are. They also have many years of experience. ”
—Donna C. from NY

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In the news

“You no longer have to show that age was the sole factor in the decision to either fire or otherwise take an adverse action. All you have to do is show that it was a motivating factor.”
—Jonathan Bell on Newsmax TV

“You can’t go to your employees and say, ‘Well, I don’t have enough money this pay period, but I’ll pay you when I have the money.’ You’re not allowed to do that, whether you’re a federal worker or a private sector individual.”
—Jonathan Bell on Yahoo Finance

Bell Law Group is not your typical Law Firm.

We are very selective in the cases we handle. Because of this, we can handle each case with the attention and passion it deserves. The vast majority of cases we handle are on a contingency fee, meaning there is not up front costs to our clients and we only charge a fee if we are successful.

TSA workers sue government over shutdown
“The law says if you don’t pay your employee on time — even if you make them whole with back pay — you still owe them liquidated damages.”
January 18, 2019

Marc Anthony’s ex-maid suing for $500K in unpaid wages
“She was clearly taken advantage of. That’s why we’re bringing this lawsuit– to correct the wrong that was done to her,” he added.
October 4, 2018

Long Island dentist allegedly axed three staffers for complaining he sexually harassed them: suit
“Not only is Dr. Ayoub’s conduct disgraceful, it is against the law,” said the trio’s lawyer Jonathan Bell. “Fortunately, there are laws that protect employees against this type of predatory behavior.”
November 28, 2017

Bell Law Group is unique in that our communication with our clients are second to none.

We pledge that each client will receive an update on the status of their case each month. We find that a majority of Law Firms lack communication with their clients and the standard complaint is my lawyer never gets back to me or I have not heard from my lawyer in months. This differentiates our Law Firm from the others. Since we are not a volume shop, we are able to keep in communication with our clients and makes sure their cases are worked up properly to ensure they receive maximum value for their claim.

“You need to consider people based on their qualifications and their job performance, rather than the way that they look.”
—Jonathan Bell on Yahoo! Finance

At Bell Law Group, our cases are the news.

“Despite retroactive pay, these government employees want to go back to work. They want to provide a service for the government and for the country.”
—Jonathan Bell on News Channel 8