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As a creator or innovator of any kind, there are few things more important than getting the recognition–and profit–you deserve. Here at Bell Law Group, we are passionate about protecting our clients’ rights to their intellectual property. Contact a dedicated New York patent, trademark & intellectual property lawyer from our firm to learn more about how we can assist you.

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There are few things more important than going through the process of protecting your intellectual property formally and under U.S. law. Our law firm has extensive experience helping clients do so. If you need help, speak with us today so we can get started working on your case.


If you’re an inventor of any kind, you likely will want to patent your work. That said, you should note that not every invention is patentable. To patent an invention, you must be able to prove that it is “unique and unobvious.” Simply put, your invention must be the first of its kind, and it must not be an obvious or abstract idea or a law of nature/natural phenomena. The three types of patents are plant, utility, and design patents. Note, however, that to get a plant patent, you must have asexually produced a new type of plant–it cannot occur in nature.

If you’d like to patent your invention, look no further than a seasoned patent, trademark & intellectual property lawyer from Bell Law Group.


A trademark is a phrase, logo, or symbol used to identify a company’s goods or services. Common examples of trademarks are McDonald’s “golden arches” or the Nike “swoosh.” Your trademark is a key component of promoting your product or services, which is why it’s so important that you have it legally protected.

Our legal team can help you prepare, file, and maintain all of your trademark registrations. Additionally, if your trademark is being used without your permission, our firm can litigate on your behalf and work to resolve the issue effectively and timely.


When someone creates an illustration, a literary work, a song, a motion picture, or a wide range of other original compositions, they should strongly consider having their work copyrighted. Though technically, an original work is copyrighted from the moment of its creation, having it formally copyrighted can make it easier to pursue an infringement claim against someone who steals it. Additionally, having your work formally copyrighted will also hopefully deter a potential IP thief from the start.

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The bottom line is that if you are looking to have your invention, work of art, design, trademark, or any other type of intellectual property protected under the law, our firm is here to help. Contact Bell Law Group today.

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