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No one should have to endure sexual harassment on the job. Sexual harassment is a form of sexual discrimination that has been outlawed in the workplace since 1964. Unfortunately, it remains far too prevalent today. That said, victims of sexual harassment in the workplace do have legal recourse, and a competent and skilled New York sexual harassment lawyer from Bell Law Group is here to provide it. Contact Bell Law Group, PLLC today to schedule your initial consultation with our firm. We’re ready to listen to your story and fight for the justice you deserve.

New York Lawyers | Representing Victims of Sexual Harassment in New York

If you have fallen victim to sexual harassment, it is important to understand your rights. At Bell Law Group, PLLC, our New York employee rights lawyers help men and women who have been sexually harassed at work obtain financial compensation for the damages they have suffered. Our attorneys have focused their practices on representing employees who have suffered at the hands of adverse actions taken by their employers. We know what to look for in these cases, and we know how to put our best resources together to create a strong case for recovery.

What Is Sexual Harassment?

While every case of sexual harassment is unique, nearly all fall into these two broad categories:

  • Creating a hostile work environment: Actions that create a hostile work environment can include a supervisor who makes sexually suggestive remarks, colleagues who hang sexually provocative pictures in their workstations, clients who make repeated unwanted advances, and anyone who engages in any unwanted touching, pinching, leering or other inappropriate activity. You can be a victim of sexual harassment at work even if you are not the target of the harassment, but have witnessed it.
  • Tying job actions to sexual favors: Hiring, firing, promoting or assigning employees to specific work duties cannot be tied to the granting of sexual favors. Were you suddenly reassigned to a less desirable job after refusing to go on a date with your boss? Did the person who interviewed you for a job imply that you’d get the position if you engaged in sexually inappropriate activities? You should talk to a lawyer.

How to Stop Sexual Harassment

Sexual discrimination can occur in any workplace, from the executive office to the factory floor and anywhere in between. We believe that taking legal action against perpetrators is the best way to stop sexual harassment. A successful case will benefit the individual victim and society as a whole.

Contact a Sexual Harassment Lawyer Today

Our experienced sexual harassment lawyers offer a free, confidential consultation and case evaluation. We will listen to you describe your experience and explain the law. Based on our more than 100 years of combined experience, we will give you our best legal opinion about whether you have a viable sexual harassment claim. To arrange a consultation, please contact us online. We’re ready to listen to your story and fight for you, every step of the way.

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