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This is a RECENT DECISION – 4/21/22. We won when our client was in jeopardy of losing his security clearance due to Foreign Influence. The Judge found that the Foreign Influence security concerns were mitigated based on the testimony we elicited at the Hearing.

2021 – A federal law enforcement officer of more than 18 years was threatened with removal from his career with the U.S. government after being issued a Notice of Proposed Removal containing 4 Charges and 39 individual Specifications of alleged workplace incidents. Matthew Madzelan of Bell Law Group defeated the removal by vigorously defending the officer against the host of allegations and protecting the officer against the loss of his livelihood and 18-year career.

Construction Accident Case – Three men fell off a scaffold while working at a private home on Long Island. Each sustained severe injuries. The matter was resolved for $4.2 MILLION.

Disability Discrimination Case – We sued on behalf of a disabled individual that requested an accommodation. Not only did the employer not provide the requested accommodation, but the employer retaliated against the employee and ultimately fired our client. The case was resolved for over $1 MILLION.

Medical Malpractice Case – Our client woke up with weakness in one side of her body, slurred speech, and vertigo – stroke-like symptoms. She visited her doctor’s office who kept her waiting in the waiting room for over an hour and only had her examined by his medical assistant. The medical assistant sent her home. The next day she suffered a stroke. The symptoms that she presented the day before were consistent with a TIA, transient ischemic attack. The matter was resolved for $635,000.

Sexual Assault Case – An employee was sexually assaulted at work. We were able to establish the employer had prior notice that the individual who assaulted our client was a threat. The matter was resolved for $200,000.

Jane Doe – We filed a lawsuit in Federal Court on behalf of a private sector employee against the company she was employed by for disability discrimination/retaliation and unlawful termination. The employee suffered from Diabetes. While she was working, she had an episode that required immediate medical attention for which an ambulance was called. Prior to the employee being cleared to return back to work, she was terminated. We aggressively pursued the claim and deposed the Employer/witnesses. As a result, we were able to secure a mid-six-figure settlement.

John Doe – A Security Guard, we represented him against his Employer for not paying overtime despite the fact that the employee worked between 50-60 hours per week. After filing the case in District Court, the matter quickly settled for the back wages our client rightfully deserved.

Restaurant Workers – We have successfully litigated on behalf of a number of restaurant workers that were paid in “tips only” and were not given a base salary of at least minimum wage. In addition, we have represented these workers for claims for overtime.

Jane Doe – A Federal Employee, who was working in an Agency as a health care professional, retained The Bell Law Group when she could not perform the essential elements of her position due to back pain. After Mr. Bell submitted her Disability Retirement Application, she was determined eligible and OPM approved her application for disability retirement. Mr. Bell worked with her treating physician to carefully word a narrative report. Her claim was accepted for degenerative disc disease. She was a FERS employee.

John Doe – A Federal Employee employed as a Special Agent retained the services of The Bell Law Group to submit his Disability Retirement Application to OPM. Mr. Bell and his staff expeditiously obtained all medical evidence and worked with the medical providers to submit all the necessary paperwork to OPM. The Federal Employee was approved for Disability Retirement benefits based on degenerative disc disease.

John Doe – A Federal Employee facing discrimination based on race, sex, age, and disability, and encountering reprisal and hostility in her workplace, enlisted the help of Mr. Bell. Mr. Bell brought the case to the EEOC. At first, the Agency was unwilling to engage in settlement discussion. After Jon Bell’s vigorous pursuit of discovery, including conducting numerous depositions, the Agency agreed to award a six-figure settlement and pay full attorney’s fees with just a few days left before trial.

John Doe – A Federal Employee, GS-13, was removed based on allegations of misconduct, after being issued a Proposal for Removal. He retained The Bell Law Group to represent him at the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB). Initially, the Agency was not willing to discuss settlement, but after Mr. Bell conducted discovery the Agency offered to return the client to his position with full back pay.

However, the client had lost faith in the Agency and turned down the offer. He requested that The Bell Law Group negotiate some form of a buyout with retirement benefits. His expectations were exceeded when Mr. Bell obtained a settlement where the Agency would buy back the client’s military time, qualify him for full retirement, restore him to paid status and leave him on paid status until his retirement was approved. The agency also agreed to pay his attorney’s fees. Mr. Bell’s skilled negotiating resulted in a substantial six-figure settlement.

John Doe v. New York City Transit Authority – When a Union employee of the New York City Transit Authority was accused of threatening a supervisor, he was placed on suspension and was proposed to be terminated after over 25 years on the job. He retained Mr. Bell to represent him in an Arbitration, despite the fact he was entitled to free Union Representation.

In light conversation with the supervisor, the client had referred to a newspaper headline describing violence in the workplace. The supervisor then reported the conversation to the Transit Authority, which imposed the suspension and recommended a penalty of removal. After the client appealed, the case went into arbitration, where Mr. Bell argued, cross-examined witnesses, and presented evidence resulting in the decision that the Transit Authority did not have cause to discipline the employee. The client recovered all lost wages and kept his job.

John Doe – A Federal Employee retained Jon Bell to represent him when he believed that he had been denied a promotion not because of his job performance, but because of his age. Mr. Bell’s relentless pursuit of discovery resulted in the Agency agreeing to a settlement. The client was promoted to his rightful role as a Supervisory Officer, with all applicable back pay and retroactive benefits. In addition, he was awarded $40,000 in losses, and all legal fees were paid by the Agency. In total, Mr. Bell negotiated a settlement that topped six figures.

Jane Doe v. USPS – The client, a Postal Police Employee, believed she was sexually assaulted by a co-worker. After making complaints to the manager, an “investigation” ensued that resulted in a finding that the contact was accidental. Her fitness for duty was later questioned and she was sent home pending a fitness for duty examination. The employee retained The Bell Law Group The Agency made no offer of settlement throughout the litigation. Jon Bell took the case to trial and received a liability verdict in favor of the employee. The Agency quickly settled the case after receiving the Judge’s Decision for a substantial amount of money, including back pay, attorney’s fees, and for pain and suffering.

John Doe v. Dept. of Navy – The client applied for a position and was not selected. He believed he was not selected because of his gender. He retained The Bell Law Group, Mr. Bell vigorously litigated the matter, which was settled approximately one week before the hearing for an amount close to six figures.

Jane Doe – A former Federal Employee, who was interested in applying for Disability Retirement, retained Jon Bell near her one-year anniversary of separation. Mr. Bell worked quickly to submit her application for Disability Retirement on time. Mr. Bell was recently informed the application was approved.

John Doe – A former employee of the FDIC applied for Disability Retirement. After his application was denied, Mr. Bell submitted a request for reconsideration, supplying further evidence and legal argument setting forth why he was entitled to Disability Retirement Benefits. OPM reversed its initial decision and granted its client the benefits.

John Doe v. Dept. of Interior – The client was removed from Federal Service and retained Jon Bell to appeal to the MSPB. Immediately prior to the Hearing, the client decided he did not want to return to the Federal Agency. Instead, Jon Bell was able to secure a substantial monetary settlement with a Resignation noted on his SF-50 as opposed to a Removal.

Jane Doe v. Dept. of Energy – Federal Employee worked for the Department of Energy for numerous years. She believed she was being discriminated against because of her race. The client retained Jon Bell to represent her at mediation. Jon Bell resolved the case at mediation for a substantial amount of money, a transfer to another position located in another state, time off on administrative leave, and attorney’s fees.

John Doe v. Defense Contract Management Agency – The client was proposed to be suspended for 30 days for misuse of a GOV. He retained The Bell Law Group to defend him against the proposal. Mr. Bell successfully established that his client was a passenger in the vehicle and had no knowledge it was a GOV. The Agency rescinded the Proposal.

John Doe v. DHS – The client was viewing pornography at work. He was proposed to be removed from the Federal Agency. Mr. Bell submitted a written reply and presented an oral reply to the deciding official. The deciding office mitigated the proposal to a suspension and allowed his client to remain employed by DHS.

John Doe v. Private Corporation – The client was terminated from his employment. He believed it was because he was gay. The client retained The Bell Law Group After some litigation the corporation settled, paying the client an entire year’s worth of salary.

John Doe v. Sanitation Truck Company – The client was seriously injured when a sanitation truck ran a red light and struck his vehicle. The driver of the sanitation truck claimed that it was the client who ran the red light. The client suffered severe brain injury and impairment. The case settled for $1,000,000, which was the amount of the entire insurance policy. Mr. Bell was co-counsel.

John Doe v. John Doe – The client was a passenger in a vehicle with his friend. His friend fell asleep while driving, causing the vehicle to flip over numerous times. The client was thrown from the vehicle. Miraculously, after months of physical therapy, the Client’s injuries healed well. Mr. Bell was able to resolve the case in a structured settlement for a very significant six-figure award.

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