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The hard truth about sexual harassment claims is that they are so fact-specific that they nearly always land in front of a jury. This means you need a zealous New York sexual harassment complaints defense lawyer with you from the very beginning—someone who can help shape your arguments and gather evidence from Day One. That way you will be fully prepared should an employee’s claim of sexual harassment lead you to the courtroom. Contact Bell Law Group today.

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At Bell Law Group, each of our lead attorneys brings with them at least 10 years of experience handling complex employment law disputes. Our New York employer defense lawyers know how to try a case to its fullest extent, and we know which tactics to use to best represent our clients and uncover the truth.

How to Handle Sexual Harassment Complaints

As you likely know, a court can hold you—the employer—liable for sexual harassment even if you were not the one doing the harassment. This is because it is your responsibility to create a safe working environment for your employees. Sexual harassment in any form, from catcalls to sexist jokes to requests for sexual favors, can create a hostile work environment and cause an employee to quit.

So what can you do to protect your company against sexual harassment claims? For starters, you can:

  • Take prompt action when anyone raises concerns about sexual harassment
  • Provide corrective or even preventive opportunities for employees to take to avoid this type of behavior, such as management training
  • Create HR policies and procedures that clearly outline your stance on sexual harassment, and what you will do should someone in your company violate your policy

It is important that you always document your policies and procedures. Also, make sure to document every complaint that comes your way and the steps you took to remedy that complaint. The reasonable steps you take now will help provide you with the strong defense you may need in the event of a sexual harassment lawsuit.

Contact a Sexual Harassment Complaints Defense Lawyer Now for Legal Representation

As a manager or employer, you cannot afford the stigma that comes along with a successful sexual harassment claim or employment discrimination case. Turn to a legal team that can truly help you fight these claims and keep your company’s reputation intact. Turn to Bell Law Group. Contact us online to request your free strategy session today. From our offices in New York City and Garden City, we are able to represent employers and businesses across the state.

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