New York Wage & Hour Complaint Defense Lawyer

Investigations into alleged wage and hour violations are on the rise. Employees are pursuing class action litigation against employers with increasing regularity. Employers need an intelligent and experienced New York wage & hour complaints lawyer to help them limit their exposure to litigation and to provide strong defense when litigation does arise. Contact Bell Law Group today.

New York Lawyers Defending Private Employers Facing Wage and Hour Complaints

At Bell Law Group, PLLC, our New York employer defense lawyers have substantial experience in complex employment litigation, including wage and hour complaints. We are well-versed in the local and federal laws that apply to private employees. We have extensive experience working with employers to understand their pay practices and respond to investigations into wage and hour issues.

General Wage and Hour Litigation

Employers face a host of employment practice regulations. We defend small and large companies alike in a wide range of wage and hour disputes, including:

  • Misclassification of employees
  • Improper designation of workers as independent contractors
  • Failure to pay minimum wage or overtime
  • Improper calculation of wages for exempt or non-exempt employees
  • Disputes regarding overtime for sales employees

For many employers, an adverse finding in a wage and hour dispute can have far-reaching, even disastrous, consequences. An individual lawsuit can lead to further litigation, including class action litigation as groups of employees seek compensation. It is important to be aggressive in establishing your position in any wage and hour dispute.

Understanding Your Business

The result of a wage and hour dispute often turns on the working reality for both the employer and employee. Our experience and dedication give us an edge in understanding your business and presenting it to investigators and the courts. Many of these cases involve the in-depth analysis of the tasks and skills that make up an employee’s workday. Only by understanding your business can we hope to minimize your risk in wage and hour actions.

Our firm assists clients in responding to wage and hour investigations, during negotiations with employees, and in litigation. Our goal is to resolve the issue with as little impact as possible on your business. We can also advise you on potential changes to your employment practices to avoid future wage and hour disputes.

Contact a New York Wage & Hour Complaint Defense Lawyer for a Free Strategy Session

The sooner you contact experienced counsel, the more likely you are to resolve the matter efficiently and effectively. If you are facing an audit or other investigation for wage and hour practices, or if you believe that such an investigation may be forthcoming, you should set up a free strategy session with one of our experienced attorneys. Contact a wage & hour complaints lawyer from Bell Law Group, PLLC for an initial consultation.

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