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Employers and managers all too often get a bad rap. And it seems most people are all too willing to assume the employer is in the wrong when it comes to employment law disputes. At Bell Law Group, we refuse to take this stance. Instead, we believe in giving all clients the benefit of the doubt. Our New York employer defense & consulting lawyers work to help our clients craft their cases to reach their preferred outcome. If you are involved in a legal dispute with an employee or a regulatory body, contact Bell Law Group today.

Employer Defense & Consulting Lawyers Serving New York

When an employer is facing unwarranted or entirely fabricated accusations from his or her employees, he or she deserves steadfast legal representation that can disprove those accusations and preserve their reputation. Fortunately, if you’re an employer in this situation, you’ve come to the right place. Bell Law Group, PLLC has more than 100 years of combined experience representing employers in a variety of employment law disputes, including:

That said, you should note that we do much more than litigation and dispute resolution. We also work with employers and managers to help them avoid disputes in the future. Some of these services include:

Whether you are looking to protect your business from substantial legal damages, regulatory penalties, or a tarnished reputation, make sure you work with a team of defense attorneys who are focused on doing right by you.

Large Firm Experience, Small Firm Service

Many of our lawyers come from large management defense firms. We know how to handle complex cases involving large companies, and we all have the tenacity to take cases to court when that best serves our clients. But we do not sacrifice personal service to provide this level of representation. We emphasize offering one-on-one attention, prompt responses, and an overall personal touch when it comes to working with our clients. And we are able to offer all of this at an affordable price.

Contact The Bell Law Group

Our employer defense lawyers provide targeted representation to New York employers and managers who are facing disputes from regulatory agencies and disgruntled employees. Let us help you protect your company and reputation. Contact Bell Law Group online. We will discuss your situation in a free strategy session and provide you with an understanding of the options available to you.

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