What Are Whistleblower Protections in New York State?

As an employee, you may want to keep your company and its executives in check by calling out engagement in unlawful conduct. This is commendable, but unfortunately, this often faces backlash. That is, if you were retaliated against after you approached your employer about their wrongdoing, this may be considered whistleblower retaliation. With this, it is important to know that you are protected under New York law. Continue reading to learn the whistleblower protections and how an experienced New York whistleblower protection lawyer at Bell Law Group can provide you with legal assistance.

What is considered retaliation for whistleblowing?

By New York law, retaliatory action for whistleblowing is considered when an employer takes action or threatens to take discriminatory action that would either adversely impact you either at your current position within the company or with a future company. That said, some of the most common forms of retaliation against whistleblowers read as follows:

  • Wrongful termination.
  • Demotions.
  • Blacklisting.
  • Reducing pay.
  • Contacting immigration authorities, if you are a non-citizen.

What are the whistleblower protections established by New York Law?

Put simply, retaliation against whistleblowers is illegal in New York state. More specifically, Section 740 of the New York Labor Law provides whistleblowers with a wide array of protections from retaliatory actions from their employers.

For example, under New York law, you are free to disclose or threaten to disclose information to a supervisor or a public body regarding your employer doing any of the following:

  • Violating the law.
  • Violating a company policy.
  • Violating regulations.
  • Putting others in substantial and specific danger.

It is important to add that you are free to report any of the above even if you are no longer an employee of the company. So, you should do so without fear of retaliation at your present or future place of employment.

All in all, by reporting unlawful conduct, you are playing a critical role in the protection of workers across New York state. So if you believe that you have been retaliated against as a whistleblower and you require protection, you must contact a skilled New York employee rights lawyer as soon as possible.


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