What Do I Bring to My Initial Consultation with an Employment Lawyer?

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You may be considering legal action against your employer for different reasons, whether you believe you were discriminated against, retaliated against, wrongfully terminated, or otherwise. Regardless, the first step you may need to take is scheduling an initial consultation with an employment lawyer. Read on to discover what you should prepare to show one of the seasoned Nassau County, NY employment lawyers at Bell Law Group.

What should I collect for my initial consultation with an employment lawyer?

Essentially you must be properly prepared for your initial consultation so that an employment lawyer can best serve you. That is, with the right information, they may easily determine whether you have a case and build a comprehensive legal strategy from there. Without further ado, below is a list of documents that are best to collect for your initial consultation:

  • A list of witnesses, and their contact information, who may have information relevant to your claim.
  • Any paperwork that your employer has provided you relating to your job expectations (i.e., your offer letter, your employee contract, the employer handbook, etc).
  • Any paperwork that your employer has provided you relating to your job performance (i.e., performance reviews, write-ups, emails, etc).
  • Copies of any exchanges you had with your employer or coworker you are filing a claim against (i.e., email exchanges, text exchanges, voicemails, etc).
  • Copies of any complaints you have filed with your employer or company’s Human Resources department relating to your claim (i.e., official complaint document, emails, etc).

What else should I expect from my consultation?

It is understandable if you are not completely comfortable with an employment lawyer whom you just met. But you must remember that your lawyer is on your side no matter what information you reveal to them. With that being said, you should try to be as open and honest as possible when answering the following questions:

  • What was your start date with this employer?
  • Do you still work for this employer? If not, what was your end date?
  • If you do not still work for this employer, were you terminated or did you leave on your own will?
  • If you do not still work for this employer, have you been actively seeking new employment since?
  • What responsibilities did you hold in this job position?
  • Who did you report to in this job position?
  • What was your compensation for this job position?
  • What incident occurred that you believe was illegal?

Last but not least, you must keep in mind that our firm offers free initial consultations. There is also a countdown for bringing your employment claim forward. So you should not wait too long before contacting one of the competent Nassau County, Ny employment lawyers at Bell Law Group.

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