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Senior Executive Service – Compensation SES

SES Compensation: Payment for Federal Senior Executives

A freeze on pay raises, an unclear recommendation for a shift to a different pay grade, a dispute over the amount of compensation owed to you. Each of these situations is an example of Senior Executive Service (SES) compensation gone awry. As an executive, however, you deserve better than this. Your skills, talents and time require appropriate recognition and proper payment.

Negotiating Acceptable Employment Agreements

At The Bell Law Group, PLLC, we make it our business to help you succeed as an employee or contractor with the Senior Executive Service. Each of our lead attorneys brings more than 10 years of experience solely representing federal employees against their employers.

When it comes to SES compensation, we prefer to help our senior executive clients long before any dispute may arise. We can offer fundamental assistance in negotiating employment contracts and contractor agreements. Specifically, we are here to help you understand what you are eligible for with regard to federal salary and benefits. We then negotiate with the SES on your behalf, seeking to include as many benefits as possible within your contract. Our goal at all times is to represent and capture your interests so as to avoid future disputes.

Resolving Disputes Over Proper SES Compensation

In the event that your federal employment contract with the SES does not cover all potential compensation avenues, turn to us for zealous representation to protect your interests. We have helped other SES employees such as yourself in a variety of disputes over compensation, including those that involved questions such as the following:

  • Did you receive the proper pay grade upon entering the SES? Was that grade commensurate with your experience and expertise?
  • Have you deserved a raise for some time, but not received one? Or have you suffered from the extremely low pay increases offered over the past few years?
  • Are you and your boss having trouble agreeing on what money the SES owes you after the President raised the pay freeze?

Regardless of your dispute, we can help you handle it in the best way possible. We are skilled negotiators and can represent you well in any alternative dispute resolution setting, such as mediation. If ADR doesn’t work, we will not hesitate to continue to push the issue all the way to court.

Contact Our Federal Employee Litigation Attorneys for Strong Advocacy

When you need help getting the SES compensation you deserve, turn to our dedicated legal team here at The Bell Law Group, PLLC We represent SES employees from all areas of the country in cases involving compensation negotiations or dispute resolution. Learn more about our national practice by calling our offices today at 855-566-2355. We also welcome email inquiries from individuals seeking advice or a free strategy session to discuss their concerns.

Client Reviews
“Couldn't Have Asked For More!! The Bell Law Group went above and beyond my expectations for my case! I didn't expect such a great outcome! The staff was patient and very understanding! They answered all my questions, even when I asked them several times!” Derrick Glover
“The Bell Law Group represented me in my successful federal disability retirement application and I was super satisfied with the result! ... I’d also advise anyone going through this process to get legal counsel, and, as I suggested at the outset, would recommend the law office of Mr. Bell without reservation.” Lynda M.
“Working with Jon and the Bell Law Group was a great experience. They were prompt, clear, and great at communicating. Helped me tremendously and I would highly recommend.” Max Kaufman