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NEWS 12 Long Island - Lawsuit Claims Nassau Discriminates Against Hearing Impaired

Bell calls it a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. He says the 911 dispatcher civil service test does not list hearing disabilities as reasons for disqualification.

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New York Post - TSA Workers Sue Government Over Shutdown

“The law says if you don’t pay your employee on time — even if you make them whole with back pay — you still owe them liquidated damages.”

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Page Six - Marc Anthony’s Ex-Maid Suing for $500K in Unpaid Wages

“She was clearly taken advantage of. That’s why we’re bringing this lawsuit– to correct the wrong that was done to her,” he added.

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NEWS 12 Long Island - Ex-Staffers Accuse Huntington Dentist of Sexual Harassment

“Ms. Lutz was sitting on a chair and Dr. Ayoub, in front of the other workers, straddled her. She got so upset she pushed him right off.”

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NY Daily News - EXCLUSIVE: Salesman Fired The Same Day His Wife Died Sues Ex-Employer

“He’d had two constants in his life, his wife and his work, and he basically lost them both on the same day.”

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NY Daily News - EXCLUSIVE: Football Recruiter was Paid Less than $10G Over Five Years by Top Sports Agency

“You have somebody at the beginning of their career and you have these promises you have no intention of keeping — on top of that you’re profiting from their work.”

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NY Daily News - Long Island Dentist Allegedly Axed Three Staffers for Complaining He Sexually Harassed Them: Suit

“Not only is Dr. Ayoub’s conduct disgraceful, it is against the law. Fortunately, there are laws that protect employees against this type of predatory behavior.”

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NY Daily News - One-Handed Former Boxer Sues TSA for Denying Him Employment and Saying He's Unfit to Work

“The federal government is supposed to be a model employer, and this is what they do? It’s a disgrace.”

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